It all started unexpectedly

As all good things in life

Maybe we weren't the ones who pioneered the sandwich, but we've certainly discovered our calling: to rescue the sandwich and restore its greatness ...

The mighty sandwich is reborn, here in our crunch kitchen Honest. True. Hearty. A sandwich that fires the imagination. Instigates smiles.
And tastes gooooooood , just as it should.

where it all started ...

Stating late 2022 in a local Shoreditch pub, our team has built nearly everything from scratch. From storage shelves to sandwiches. The setup was full of fun, jokes and a loooot of sandwich testing! One day we saw our first ticket coming out of the printer, which made us simply jump from joy. We saw our dream finally becoming reality.

We though it could not get any better, but we are infinitely grateful to be proven wrong. The happy faces, new friends, support and love our we have received is still hard to believe. Our sandwiches have become a proper destination within East London and we very quickly understood that Crunch has a clear mission: to make the ultimate sandwich (up)rising.


At Crunch, we believe that the key to crafting mouthwatering sandwiches is listening to our valued customers. We highly value your feedback and ideas, as they help us elevate our culinary creations and provide you with an exceptional experience.

Thank you for being a part of the sandwich [up]rising 🥪
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